Through Expos, Middles East has discovered the secrets of informing the world about its capabilities in terms of; its spectacular architect in all areas, its cultures, its thought provoked exhibitions and Agriculture, while at the same time increasing its world acceptance.

Saudi Arabia ensures all those visitors who come to the expos, experience the latest in technology and thinking which it offers in just one place. With several expos aligned this and the other coming years, the country is determined to give visitors an unforgettable experience, even if it will be once in lifetime experience. “We are out to prepare for shows that will amaze and enthrall all those who will visit our country. These expos will give a sense of wonder at the ability of the people, who are tirelessly working together, so as to achieve or envisage a better tomorrow.” Said one of the government’s top organizers.


The recently concluded Beauty world the Middle East, is a good example of what the government is aiming at, in terms of showing its technological and thought provoked expose to the world. Through this exhibition that focused on top eCommerce websites including sites like Fancy and Novelty Street where you can shop for unique and cool things to buy online for men, women and children. The country was able to host almost 37, 553 visitors, from almost 135 nations. This according to the analyzers marked an increase of about 26 percent as compared to the previous events. With that in mind, it is worth agreeing that the country is set to make each event unique and the better so as to attract visitors increasingly in each precedent year.

Considering the 21st edition, which took three days at Dubai International Convention, which featured 1530 exhibitors from almost 60 countries, gave the country a nine percent increase in the exhibition spaces. This insinuates that the country’s Expos does not only aim at a lower side when it comes to those who can come to witness its exhibition, but the higher side, and that is why it is gaining grounds in the world’s expos dominance.

Just like this year’s Beauty-world Middle East, which was considered to be successful since it drew in the unforgettable record number of witnesses, the country is determined to make the rest of coming expos rock the beauty of the globe and its wellness markets to the fullest. Saudi Arabia has shown an extraordinary dedication when it comes to expos. Just under one roof, the country is able to host a diversified mix of both exhibitions and visitors just to ensure the best is achieved when it comes to shows.


The Beauty-world Middle East has also shown an ever-increasing international picture, which is also underlined with almost twenty-two country pavilions; that of Brazil with 25 companies also included. As a direct exhibition, the whole event is estimated to give almost $ 13 million to the country. Entirely, the Beauty-world Middle East focuses in staging products related to cosmetics and skin care, raw materials and packaging, machinery, spa and professional equipment. The country is far much interested in ensuring all the key categories of products that affect the lives of people is incorporated into the shows. Perhaps, this means that visitors will always have an-all around benefit when visiting the country during this shows.

Good thing is that during these exhibitions, you do not need to waste a lot of time moving from one stage to another. Imagine, almost 60 exhibitors are made to use the regional platform, while other 200 exhibitors which are spearheaded by world’s dominating fragrance creation houses, such as Mane, Givaudan, Robert, Iberchem, CPL Aromas and Eurofragrance.

A unique revelation
lisbon-894346_1280A unique revelation envisioned regarding the skincare and cosmetic products. This was the largest section in the whole event. Meaning that like Saudi Arabia; also other nations value cosmetics. And that is why, the exhibitors were so many, with different products related to the cosmetic niche. This section featured more than 600 exhibitors, L’ Oreal one of the prominent and also largest companies in the world. A debut exhibitor was the French powerhouse, which amazed many when it showcased its NYX professional make up product. In that case, it is worth agreeing that the apart from the country’s exhibitors, those other professional companies which have knowledge in what they do the best, are also attracted in the Saudi Arabia’s expositions.

Still are yet to come


It is worth to announce that the country is still determined to give the world more and more shows just not only to boost on what is has, but also to share with the world on the latest ideas in technological and though provoking realms. Utilizing this year’s remaining months, the country is determined to showcase its Agro-food, Agriculture, Stone Tech, Saudi’s Build, Decors, the country’s Trans Middle East, and Horeca. Besides, things such as recycling and waste management Expo will be among the expos to be showcased in the country. Even though many people are glued on things that are related to cosmetics, this recycling, and waste management expos is what should be put into consideration to the highest level.
The need to safely expose waste will help give the environment its potential to host life even for many years to come. Otherwise, the world might face risk of being ruined, which might later fail to accommodate the demands of people. Guess no one is ready to face hardship in life, of things, which we could have otherwise controlled for the betterment of securing life.

Besides, some other valuable expos that are expected to be included in what the country will be showing is Saud’s Foodex. This will show how the dry country, which is expected only to dominate the oil world, can as well act as good sources of food. Yes, the country also understands the technology of motor vehicle. Visit its Autoshop and understand the secrets of the country when it comes to motor-vehicles it finds interesting and with the latest technology on board. Saudi Arabia’s expos are all you need to understand the untold stories when it comes to culture, Agriculture, Technology, and cosmetics you need to know. Gone are the days when people used to depend only on researched information in magazines to understand their life. Saudi is giving you the opportunity to interact with real researchers at your benefit.